Aggie Muster

2018 Worldwide Roll Call for the Absent

In the modern history of Aggie Muster, there has not been an occasion on which every name on an annual list of deceased former students was called in a single location. It is widely believed that the main campus Muster calls or used to call the full roll each year, but historical records do not support that belief.

This year, every name on the Worldwide Roll Call for the Absent was called — and answered with "Here" — in a live reading that began at 6:51 a.m., which was sunrise on April 21 in Aggieland. This roll call originated from the Neely Mezzanine in the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center. Speakers mounted on the building carried the roll call over the Texas A&M University campus, and a live internet stream made the entire reading available to the worldwide Aggie Network. Above is a recording of the event, available for on-demand viewing.

The annual Roll Call for the Absent includes the names of all Aggies whose deaths have been reported to The Association since the 2017 Muster. Some of those deaths happened more than a year ago, but the name has not previously been called at any Aggie Muster.

We do this because we share a great tradition, greater than the single memory of any one of us.

James Pipkin ’29

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